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Francys trabalhando no manequim de moulage
The Dior Dart

Do you know the Dior dart? Note the curved dart on this dress! This is the Dior dart.

But assuming you're just starting out in this fashion world, I first need to explain what a dart is, right?

A dart is a small fold that, sewn on the opposite side, that is, on the wrong side, will taper until it disappears. It is used to adjust clothing to the body; you can find in some pattern books the word pinça, which is how the dart is also known, especially in Portugal.

There are several types of darts and transfers that we can do, as I said, it is used to adjust the clothes when the fabric we are working on is flat, that is, a fabric without elasticity. In the case of a mesh, the dart is non-existent, because as the mesh stretches, it is not necessary to place the dart.

The darts can be sewn, eliminated through cuttings, transferred, they can be used in different ways, and it is very important that the pattern maker or designer, or the seamstress who is starting to know how to master the technique of transfers of darts. If you want to know more about the subject, I recommend you to watch this class on transfer of dart in three-dimensional modeling or draping, which is super explanatory CLASS 23 - draping TUTORIAL: DARTS

Well, let's get to the point of this post, which is to talk about the Dior dart! This dart is also called French dart or side dart and its characteristic is that it starts at the bust and goes to the side of the waist. It looks beautiful in different types of pieces and was used a lot by Christian Dior, hence the name dart Dior.

Christian Dior was an important French designer, responsible for a series of "inventions" in fashion, such as the New Look, for example. He is considered an important name in French Haute Couture and his Maison continues to this day to be a reference in the fashion world.

Now going back to the dart, also notice in the photo that it enhances the waist and bust, which makes it a special dart for the party fashion segment.

The cool thing about making this dart in the draping is that we get this curved effect without much effort, because with the pressure of our fingers we can manipulate the fabric, making it have a beautiful curve, difficult to reproduce in flat modeling with the help of rulers .

This is one of the beauties of draping that I love: the possibility of obtaining incredible, organic shapes that enhance the body!

Enjoy and take the test, see before your eyes this wonder that is draping and the study of dart!


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