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These days I was talking to a group of students from my draping course and we were talking about marking the screen.

I always advise you to use a pencil or at most a Bic pen, so the line is more accurate and also avoid blurring the screen or even ruining the dummy.

Then one of the students, Fátima, said that she uses an erasable pen, the Frixion Pen, by Pilot. There is a variation of it, the so-called ghost pen that works in the same way, when in contact with the heat of the iron, the ink disappears on the fabric.

This pen is very common among people who work with crafts, for us at draping it is useful in some moments, such as defining a neckline, an armhole or a decorative element in the mold, but you have to be careful, because as the ink adds up when the fabric is ironed, we may lose some important information at the time of planning. But anyway, it's an interesting material to have in your sewing or modeling kit.

Do you know this pen? Also use?

This was just one of the tips in the midst of so many things I learned from this class! I am very grateful to be able to teach the technique I love and to still learn every day and be surrounded by passionate people like me!

Thank you to each of you who accompany me here!

Ah, I'll leave the pen link here, in case you want to know better: Frixion Pen


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