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When I think about when draping actually entered my life I automatically remember Francys, 8 or 9 years old, trying to understand the "little problems" in math. I have always studied in public schools and unfortunately where I was raised public schools do not have a good reputation, especially at the time I studied, I remember that we were on strike.

In high school I had a very good and demanding teacher and to this day I have kept a novena that I got from my aunt and that I had to do because I was about to fail in math. I remember kneeling for 9 days straight on the edge of my bed praying fervently to pass my math final.

Later, in college, I have problems with the calculations again... now it was the turn of flat modeling. We had to use a calculator in class and besides, I got lost in the middle of the calculations besides, of course, having no idea how those lines were going to serve something in clothes.

This introduction about numbers for you to understand the dread of mathematics in my life. And here I counted superficially, but believe me, there was even more reason for me to have serious problems with the numbers.

After doing some flat modeling disciplines and getting desperate with the technique, behold, I know the draping technique! The technique was so simple that I fell in love right away and started to understand how a garment is made.

There was my salvation! In addition, I could be super creative and explore all the possibilities of creating an outfit to the fullest.

When I entered the job market, I started as a shoe designer and used this knowledge of draping to create unusual shapes and with that I was invited to exhibit my creations in Paris, at a renowned international fashion fair.

In 2010 I entered the world of teaching and then I found myself! I discovered that teaching was my life purpose.

I specialized, did a master's degree and numerous courses with renowned professors from Brazil and abroad.

Already in the classroom, I developed a methodology that facilitates the student to have autonomy in modeling through the study of draping, so as not to have to repeat the same thing hundreds of times and not become tiring for them, or even facilitate when a student was absent. , I made easy-to-understand scripts, so that they would know how to do it without me being around.

After training countless students during my 10 years as an academic teacher, in 2020 I developed and adapted this methodology to the online universe and together with the Maximus Tecidos Fashion School we created the first complete training program called "Secrets of French draping" , a program that has more than 2500 students from Brazil and some countries abroad, such as Portugal, Angola, Spain, Italy, Chile, Paraguay, the United States...

In addition to the online course, I also teach the technique on YouTube, where I have a complete playlist, with many classes where you can understand the technique and of course, learn how to make the models!


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