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You've probably wondered if draping is a technique used in clothing companies, haven't you?

This is a very common doubt, especially when you have the first contact with the technique, because knowing that it is a technique originating from Haute Couture, it is very common that this doubt arises.

But know that the technique not only can but should be used in industries. Because draping avoids mistakes, speeds up the mold construction process, saving time and money!

"But how to do it? Should I have several mannequins?" This is the second common question!

Don't worry, it's not necessary, as in the industry it's common to work with P-M-GG numbered grids, it's common to make just one pilot piece size and grading the rest of the molds.

This gradation can be done manually, with an appropriate measurement table according to each niche, or it can be done in an automated way, with software such as the company Audaces or Lectra, for example.

Did you see? In addition, I have many students in the online course who benefit from the technique in their companies! Moulage not only optimizes but helps you save important resources in your company!


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