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Have you noticed that lately I've been talking more about draping on instagram and also on YouTube? When I created the channel, I wanted to talk about this subject, make tutorials and teach on the channel, but I couldn't organize myself and I also didn't see a relationship between the content I showed, especially on YouTube where the focus is on fashion books.

Good, but things were changing and quickly. I recently showed on the channel the books I used most often in the last year and among them I showed a draping book, so some girls asked me for tips on courses and also to talk more about draping. Polls made on instagram also suggested that I should address this topic more and then things started to flow and today I'm dividing the topics and giving more space to the draping, with tutorial videos on iGTV and also on the YouTube channel.

With that, the need to organize my material also arose, as a draping teacher for 10 years, I created a lot of content for the students and also during the period that I collaborated with the Audaces blog.

On the Audaces blog the focus was fashion and education, so I did several tutorials on Audaces software and also teaching draping. The draping material was widely accessed, even copied. To this day, there are lost photos out there... but anyway, I gathered all this content and organized it in a practical way to guide those who are starting to venture into draping.

And the result of this e-book I come here to share with you, just click on this link and download it for free and learn more about building the basic modeling blocks, using the draping technique or three-dimensional modeling, as some teachers call it.

In the e-book you will learn:

Draping essentias

What is the list of materials needed to make the draping technique

What is the correct way to prepare the canvas before starting the mold

Complete tutorial of the straight skirt and also the A-line skirt

Recommended bibliography especially for those who are starting to practice.

Download it and tell me what you think! Oh, I also created a tag for us to use, so whenever you do a tutorial or exercise with my tips, tag me on instagram @francyssaleh and use #moulagefacil, right? I hope you like it and that it is very useful.


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