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Hi guys, how are you out there?

I'm a little missing here on the blog, as you've already noticed, right?!

But today I decided to stop by and tell you how my teaching routine is going in the new pilot class of the Secrets of French draping course!

This class is very special, as well as my first two classes, where I have direct contact with the students, as in a mentorship via whatsapp.

At any time of the day students can send me their questions and also their screens, where I carefully review and resend the screen image with some observations.

This is a moment of mutual learning, because by analyzing the screens I can see what the biggest doubts are and thus improve the quality of the classes, which will be re-recorded at Maximus Tecidos studios soon.

Besides, it's really nice to get to know so many wonderful people up close, I end up making a lot of friendships. I'm lucky to have such special students, and I want to be able to have a super meeting and meet everyone in person!

In fact, it's funny that, I end up making many friends virtually with people who have the same passions as me. That's what I think is cool about the internet, this possibility of being able to connect with different people, united by the same purpose!

Well, but going back to the method I'm using with the students, I'm working the same way I work with the students at UCPEL, where I've been working as a draping teacher for years. I adopt the same way of working, where everything is super individualized.

We had already warned you that our first classes would be like this, because we believe it is the ideal way to validate the online teaching method, no matter how validated it is in the classroom, online there are some particularities and this contact is fundamental to see what works and what doesn't work and that we can improve in future content.

In addition to contact via whats, I also do weekly lives, where students can ask questions about the modules and take the opportunity to interact with all students, from different classes.

This interaction is already done through our VIP area, where there is a lot of exchange of experiences and also a very strong networking there, because as I said, I have students from different parts of the country and with different levels of knowledge and also different niches of activity. , which makes our VIP area very special.

Can you imagine being part of the same community where your colleagues work in the party and bridal fashion segment, lingerie, beachwear, casual fashion, evangelical fashion, cosplay? It's such a rich environment, I learn a lot and besides, I'm very happy when I see colleagues helping each other!

In fact, this contact is being a true modeling mentorship, as the follow-up is individual,

this way I end up teaching, supporting, clearing up doubts and ensuring the student's progress in the course.

It's been a wonderful experience and soon I'll bring you more news, okay?


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