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A very common question among those who are starting to work with the three-dimensional modeling technique or draping is the choice of the dummy number and also the choice of the dummy model. There is now a range of models which can leave some doubt when choosing. I will answer these questions and try to help you in this matter, let's go!

Which model of mannequin to choose?

To answer this question, I need to show you the functionality of each model. I'm using the Draft Mannequins catalog as a reference, which are the mannequins I use.

Half-leg mannequin: the half-leg model is ideal for all segments. It's Draft's best-selling model!

Long leg mannequin: the long leg model is ideal for those who work with fitness or tailoring lines.

Skirt Mannequin: Skirt model is recommended for party and brides.

Lingerie mannequin: it is a special model of lingerie, it is suitable for intimate fashion and beachwear!

There are still models of male mannequins and children's mannequins and they all faithfully follow the measurements of the body.

And now that I know which model, which number should I choose?

In this case, the choice of numbering will depend on your audience. I'll give you some examples: if you work in an atelier that basically caters to debutante girls, your mannequin size should be 36.38. If it's traditional women's fashion, 40.42.

If the audience is plus size, it must be a 48 or larger mannequin.

Another issue to watch out for is the niche. If you are going to work with party fashion, the mannequin must be the skirt model, if it is general clothing, it can be the half-leg model, because with it you can make pants, lingerie, right?

I made a special video to clarify this doubt, which is very common among those who are thinking about which mannequin to invest in:

Now that you know all the models, tell me which one you have, are you going to buy or what is your dream of consumption?


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