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Today I'm going to tell you about my experience with the TR PATTERN technique of the great master Shingo Sato.

On a Friday, almost 18:00h on a gray winter day here in the south, I received an email from the Orbitato school saying that they would have a TR PATTERN course. I immediately picked up the phone and called the school asking about the course and already guaranteeing my place. It was like a dream!

I met Shingo in 2011, researching moulage materials on the internet at a time when this content was very scarce (actually it still continues...) and I found some videos of him. I remember that I even saved some, with a program that allows you to download videos from YouTube. The piece that I fell in love with was the origami blouse and I tried in different ways to make it and always without success. One day I asked my aunt who is a seamstress for help, and we couldn't solve the problem either.

Well, as I already knew Shingo's work and had already tried to do some of the tutorials, I was very excited about this opportunity.

I did a research on where the course would be, how it was to travel from the school to the inn where I would stay and we decided that the best thing would be for me to go by car, 12 hours of travel!

And so it was, I arrived in Pomerode, a beautiful city and in the course I met 2 very dear colleagues, one of them Nicole, who I met in a Senai course, at the time she was a high school student and studied modeling and Fer who had studied with me at UCS. Besides them, there were professionals from all over Brazil, model makers and well-known teachers and it was a great pleasure to meet all of them and share this special moment.

Our class was Shingo's first in Brazil, we even gave him a Brazilian shirt.

I came back delighted with the course, not only with learning the technique, but because I got to know Shingo and his personality. He told us that he had learned Portuguese for less than a month, and it was amazing how well he communicated, in addition he was a super patient and kind teacher, he was inspiring.

Shingo worked with Azzedine Alaia in Paris and also at Trussardi in Milan and he is currently a professor at Bunka Fashion College, a renowned fashion school in Japan, where Yohji Yamamoto studied.

The course lasted 48 hrs, it was super intense, we left the classes exhausted, because in the TR PATTERN technique we need to build and deconstruct the mold and this involves almost all the techniques, such as modeling, moulage and sewing.

With this technique we achieve incredible results such as 3d cubes, twists and a series of variations, the result is brilliant, but laborious, the mold is like a real puzzle.


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