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Crédits: Les Arts Décoratifs

One museum I love in Paris is the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which is right next to the Louvre Museum. In this museum there is always something connected to fashion and design, so there is always a nice exhibition. This season was dedicated to Madeleine Vionnet, with the exhibition called Madeleine Vionnet - Puriste de la mode.​

Vionnet was renowned for her applications using the moulage technique, without a doubt she was one of the most influential fashion designers of the 1920s. She was passionate about classical antiquity and this was possibly a source of inspiration for the use of basic geometric shapes that adjusted to the body in a simple and elegant way. Another source of inspiration may well have been his penchant for mathematics. But her family was too poor to pay for her studies at the time, and math was not considered something for women either.

Then at the age of twelve, Vionnet became an apprentice to a couturier in the Paris suburbs. Thus began a career that would later earn her the nickname “Euclid of fashion” (in reference to the mathematician Euclid, considered the father of Geometry).

Dresses created by Vionnet in moulage | Credits: Les Arts Décoratifs Union Française des Arts du Costume

I was not prepared to photograph the exhibition, because I prefer to take the catalog as a souvenir, besides that my photos from exhibitions don't look good, you can rarely use the camera's flash... then you've seen it right...

But luckily, the pieces used in the expo are on the museum's website (phew!). In addition to the clothes, there were photos showing the entire trajectory of the stylist, sketches.. photos of models! More than dresses, the models are timeless classics rich in details, a true work of art! I found this video from Marie Claire magazine, showing a little of the exhibition for those who want to see more!


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