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This is the dream of every designer, whether beginner or with a lot of experience in the market. Every season, fashion professionals need to present incredible products that fill the eyes and that preferably are very successful, right?

But is there a secret? I can assure you that there are some tools that can help you.

One thing that can help you stand out is to do what others aren't doing. And for that, have products with modern differentiated modeling and that draw attention! This is one way to be ahead.

Draping is a competitive differentiator. A good modeling, a perfect fit builds customer loyalty. And then you may be wondering, what is the secret to good modeling, since there are numerous methods and I myself on my channel show several flat pattern making books with different methodologies and authors?

Since I discovered the three-dimensional modeling or molding technique I finally understood that this technique is not used for nothing by haute couture ateliers. It makes it easier to make the mold, avoiding rework and helping in the creative process.

This is a topic that I love, I even wrote a scientific article about the creative process at draping and presented it in 2014 at the Fashion Colloquium.

But the fact is that when we are making a piece directly on the mannequin, there is no way not to foresee some changes and with that we are exercising our creativity. draping has that power!

have you think about it? How about testing the technique? On my YouTube channel I have several free tutorials where you can draw your own conclusions about how this method is easy, fast and even breaking, it helps you in the creative process of developing your collection!

Take a test and tell me later!


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