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Mannequins at a Flea Market in Paris, 2009

That draping carries an air of sophistication, everyone agrees, right? And thinking about the root of all this glamor that Paris carries, we must give credit to King Louis XIV, known as the Sun King.

We believe that everything that comes from France is wonderful: wines, cheeses, recipes, cosmetics... in fact, if you stop to think about it, the marketing made around Made in France is great.

I won't go into too much detail on this subject, but out of curiosity, I really like a book that explains this phenomenon, it's called The Essence of Style by Joan Dejean and since it's not exactly a fashion book, I've never shown it on the channel, but here's a tip if you like France, especially Paris, like me!

What I wanted to share today is a reflection on how the draping technique brings with it all these "French attributes". There is something magical about rolling the fabric onto the mannequin and shaping the garment, that is undeniable, but how interesting it is to think that a modeling technique can evoke these sensations, as if we were in a Maison.

Don't you feel that way while you're on your mannequin? If you don't feel like it yet, try putting on a special playlist. (Oh, I even take the opportunity to share one made especially for those who practice French draping with me, the link is here). Take the test, listen to French music while working on the mannequin, impossible not to transport yourself to a large studio, even more so if you are in the habit of wearing a lab coat while working.

Another issue I like to think about is that the great French ateliers, the Haute Couture Houses, where the pieces are made manually, with the best there is: the best craftsmen, the best fabrics, the best techniques, choose draping as a way of building a mold.

Draping comes in here, as the best way to make clothes, the best technique to guarantee comfort, beauty and perfect fit. In addition to being extremely easy, when compared to flat modeling.

One aspect that I like to share with my students when we talk about the technique is the distinction that draping gives to the professional who works with it, because imagine the following situation: your client arrives at your studio, you take the measurements and tell her who will make the mold of your order using an exclusive technique of Haute Couture ateliers. A technique that few master, as there are many secrets, few courses and exorbitant prices in face-to-face courses, which makes it quite exclusive.

Think about how mastering this technique can empower you and make you not only develop better and faster molds, but also how it can make you a differentiated and in-demand professional!


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