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Hi guys, just passing by to tell you some news, on 02/10/2022 I was doing a draping update course in the cradle of technique and haute couture, that is, in Paris!

I took advantage of a work trip, in which I did a series of activities, including: Visiting Première Vision, visiting Promostyl's offices, doing fashion research and confirming trends, visiting and interviewing in the ateliers and, of course, fitting in a little tourism and shopping. All properly schematized.

About the other contents of the trip, they are there on my YouTube channel and also on my personal blog Here I will describe the experience of the course and of course, everything related to draping.

This course I took at La Couture Brigade school, with the founding teacher, Dorota Turowska Vermelin.

Dorota is a professional with an incredible background, studied in the best courses and schools and worked in the largest and most prestigious workshops in Paris.

After working for years, she decided to set up her school where she teaches various techniques for those who want to work with haute couture.

I dedicated Saturday to taking the course, I arrived at school around 9:30 am and left there at 7:30 pm.

As I already have experience with draping, I went in search of specific techniques, some doubts and alternative ways of doing the draping, but following faithfully as it is used in the ateliers.

As you know, the draping taught in France, more specifically in Paris, is completely different from how some courses teach in Brazil and that's why I'm always looking for the essentially French technique, as I teach in my Online course, Secrets of French draping.

It's always good to take these refresher courses, because we always learn a new detail that makes a difference in our work, isn't it?

Not to mention that learning some tricks from someone with as much experience as Dorota is something inexplicable, not only because of the access to information, but with the way she transmits knowledge.

Soon I will tell you a little more about the school, after the experience of the course, I went back to school to do an interview with the teacher who teaches a course focused on Couture Tailleur, Madame Chantal Baron, who also taught at the IFM - Institut Français de la Mode, which was formerly the Union School of Haute Couture

Now if you want to know more information about the school, I will leave here the link to the website with the complete information about the course and the address.

Ahh, Dorota is planning a change of address, so if you want to take a course there, pay attention to this detail.

And another information, during the period I was at school, I received many messages on instagram, after all, I was broadcasting the whole experience in real time, and many people asked to organize a study group.

So this is a plan, if you have this desire to improve your draping techniques and haute couture finishes, send me a message, that a study group is already being formed.

I took the opportunity and talked to Dorota about it and she loved the idea. I will be a kind of assistant teacher/translator, so you don't have to worry about mastering French, the classes are super didactic and visual, and any questions you have, I'll be helping.


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