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Whenever I talk about mannequins I nominate the industrial mannequins of the Draft Mannequins brand, because as I always say the quality is excellent, they have measurements similar to a real body and they also have an appropriate foam to work with the draping!

But I always like to point out, you don't have to start draping with the best mannequin!

It's like starting to drive, you don't start with a super car, do you?

At draping the same thing, you can start with a sewing mannequin, which are these cheaper models and then get organized and then get your dreamed Draft!

These mannequins can be found on several websites and stores, especially stores that sell items to shopkeepers, as it is common for some stores to use this mannequin as an exhibitor.

Unfortunately, there is no specific brand of this mannequin for me to indicate, but as I said, you can find it on different sites on the internet, such as Amazon, for example...

Know that it is not wrong to use this mannequin, but it is important to be aware of its limitations, because as I always mention, it is made with random measurements, normally it has a difference in the bust and also in the neck. These are the most common complaints I receive, even my mannequin also has these little problems.

In addition, I accompany students daily, either on the platform or in our VIP area of ​​Facebook and it is common to see that most of them use this sewing mannequin to do the draping technique.

So knowing that, the tip here is: make the most of it to understand the draping process, how to pin the canvas, how to transfer the darts, use the notches and other important details of the technique.

I see in our group so many interesting adaptations of this mannequin and even transformations and I am very happy with everyone's creativity and commitment.

And to show you what it's like to work with it, every now and then I make some tutorials using it, so you can understand the limitations, but also see how it is possible to use it to do the technique!

I'll leave a list here with some tutorials for you:


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