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Hi guys, how are you? I missed posting here, but I've been very busy the last few months due to the online course Secrets of French draping, which thanks to God and to all of you is being a success!

This is not only the first draping course with the legitimate French method, it is also the one with the largest number of students.

I came here to tell you the news we are preparing for you!

Ah, when I say we, I'm referring to the partnership, where I have the full support of a team specialized in the entire structure of the course, which ranges from recording, editing, organization and personalized support to students .

One of these novelties is that I came to Paraná for the second time this year to record another module of the course.

It's common when I talk to friends and colleagues about these trips to Paraná, since I travel more than 1000 km and maybe I wouldn't need to, because we have excellent recording studios here in the south.

The question I wanted to share with you is how this course was and is being recorded: I could do it in a studio, just as I record the tutorials at home, but the difference is that during the recordings there are countless professionals involved to ensure that the student who is at home can perfectly visualize everything that is being done.

Just so you have an idea, there are 3 cameras recording me, all so that no detail is left out!

I usually joke that this way of learning with me is even better than in person, because the wealth of details presented sometimes go unnoticed when we are viewing live and with a large group around, as they were in my face-to-face classes.

Not to mention the didactic content that I'm preparing and should be ready soon! I strongly believe that every course, whether face-to-face or online, must have complete didactic material, covering all learning styles, since I, for example, really like written content, so I'm taking this care when preparing the support materials.

This is a part that makes me very happy, since as a teacher, one of the moments that completes me the most, besides being with the students teaching, is the part of preparing the material. I love researching the images, forms of presentation, curiosities to complement the studies... all this is very pleasant for me and I do everything with great care and love!

Ah, soon I'll post this new content here on the site, in the meantime, you can follow the free classes I record here at home in the menu where it says "Moulage", right?

A big kiss!


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