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Learn modeling with the same legitimate French Moulage techniques that are still used today in Paris Haute Couture houses.


The course is a Training Program that teaches the legitimate French Three-Dimensional Modeling method, where the clothing is built directly on the moulage mannequin or on your client's body.

You will learn the basis to become an Expert in Moulage by creating clothes in the easiest, most intuitive and accurate way, even if you are a beginner or don't know anything about modeling.

With the online course you won't have to leave your home to learn, you can watch the videos as many times as you want, whenever you can and wherever you are, on your computer, cell phone or tablet anywhere in the world.

Not sure if the course is for you? Know that it is suitable for who it is:



For those who still don't work in the area, but are a fashion student. Most faculties approach moulage superficially in the classroom. In the course Secrets of French Moulage you will delve into this topic like no one else, obtaining your Certificate of Expert in Three-Dimensional Modeling.



For those who already work with sewing and want to expand their repertoire of techniques, bringing more exclusivity and refinement to their creations. Moulage provides a richer and more differentiated service experience for its customers, leveraging its name in the field of bespoke fashion.



For those who sew for themselves or as a hobby and find it difficult to experiment, for not having experience with modeling, but who want to facilitate the creation process. Moulage allows you to escape limitations, having a broader view of the final result.

Moulage stimulates Creativity in a unique way.

At Moulage you develop a keener view of the shapes and proportions of clothes on the human body.

Besides that, you:

  • You will see the result of the part without having to make numerous tests and adjustments. When we trace a mold in flat modeling, we need to make the correction of this mold. At Moulage, it is possible to preview the final result during the process and even try the canvas on the client.

  • You can adapt the modeling to different types of bodies: People with postural problems, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, scoliosis. And also to serve transgender bodies, which have other specificities.

  • It will make exclusive shapes that are only possible in Moulage: either in the simple pence, which in the moulage is different (because we can make it anatomically), or in the effect of a drape. Certain shapes are only possible in moulage.

  • You won't need to do calculations or study complex diagrams. If you, like me, are not good with numbers and math, then you will love working with Moulage.

  •   You will understand the entire learning process of flat modeling. Moulage enriches our repertoire and broadens our field of vision. This way we understand more precisely what a pence is for, for example.

  • It will save time and money. With Moulage you can already see the result on the mannequin, without the need to make numerous "pilot pieces" until the modeling is right.

  • It will be easier when modeling curved parts of the body and also when positioning necklines.


  • It optimizes and facilitates when working with elastic fabrics, such as knitwear. Moulage is also excellent for those who work with lingerie and beachwear.

If you already work with bespoke sewing, your service will be even more exclusive. Moulage is a technique recognized for its refinement, which will improve your customers' shopping experience.




  • Teacher's Presentation - [04:02 min]

  • Course Presentation - [05:42 min]

  • How to study Moulage - [02:14 min]

  • The history of French Moulage and its connection with Haute Couture - [6:15 min]

  • How to choose the ideal moulage mannequin? [6:40 min]

  • Advantages of French Moulage Vs Flat Modeling - [5:26 min]

  • Secrets of French Moulage Workbook



  • Presentation of Materials - [00:52 min]

  • Basic Materials - [05:06 min]

  • Complementary Materials - [03:23 min]

  • Fabrics best suited for moulage - [05:03 min]

  • French Moulage Ruler Kit by Francys Saleh



  • Presentation and Materials - [01:24 min]

  • Marking with Ribbon - [16:57 min]

  • Lock pin on different Mannequins - [06:34 min]

  • Complementary Markings: Princess Cut Line and Shoulder Drop [11:23 min]

  • Pit Marking - [03:54 min]

  • Fitilho Conference - [02:15 min]



  • Prepare the Screen - [04:23 min]

  • Mark Screen - [06:41 min]

  • Pin the Screen - [04:13 min]

  • Mark the Mold - [04:10 min]

  • Dressability Clearances - [02:41 min]

  • Introduction to Planning - [01:24 min]



  • Presentation - [01:21 min]

  • Straight Skirt - [11:25 min]

  • Evase Skirt - [07:14 min]

  • Skirt Planning - [13:04 min]



  • Presentation - [01:26 min]

  • Blouse with Pence Fundamental (Pence on shoulder and waist) - [14:17 min]

  • Blouse with Pence at the Waist and Cava - [04:55 min]

  • Blouse with Pence on the Bust - [05:12 min]

  • Blouse with Pence in the Neck - [03:21 min]

  • Blouse with Pence on Diagonal - [04:14 min]

  • Blouse Planning [05:22 min]



  • Preparation of the collars - [01:44 min]

  • Father Collar - [04:56 min]

  • Collar and Collar [03:26 min]

  • Sailor Collar - [03:54 min]

  • Baby Collar or Peter Pan Collar - [03:02 min]

  • Diving collar - [03:24 min]

  • Sport Collar - [06:27 min]

  • Tuxedo collar or Shawl collar - [06:17 min]

  • Collar Planning [03:45]



  • Presentation [01:14 min]

  • Preparation - [03:39 min]

  • Attach the arm to the dummy - [01:51 min]

  • Short Sleeve Preparation - [05:50 min]

  • Short Manga Development - [06:56 min]

  • Long Sleeve Preparation - [04:50 min]

  • Long Sleeve Development - [06:52 min]

  • Preparation Manga Raglan - [05:44 min]

  • Manga Raglan Development - [04:24 min]

  • Mango Planning - [04:32 min]



  • Introduction - [02-43 min]

  • Preparation of the Mannequin and Screens - [21:01 min]

  • Tailleur Construction - [26:45 min]

  • Collar Construction - [06:46 min]

  • Mango - [05:38 min]

  • Planning - [07:19 min]

  • Finishing - [06:28 min]



  • Presentation and Materials - [01:12 min]

  • Body Changes - [05:28 min]

  • Finishing - [01:16 min]



  • Presentation - [00:48 min]

  • Book: Moulage Les Bases - [01:02 min]

  • Book: Moulage Art and Technique in Fashion Design - [00:58 min]

  • Book: Moulage, Modeling and Design - [01:07 min]

  • Book: Corset Interpretations of Form and Construction - [00:58 min]

  • Book: Drapes - [01:10 min]

  • Book: Draping Basics - [00:36 min]

  • Book: Fashion Moulage Technique - [00:50 min]

  • Book: Draping For Apparel Design - [1:17 min]

  • Book: L'art Des Drapés - [1:12 min]

  • E-book: Draping Period Costumes - [00:43 min]

  • E-book: The Art of Fashion Draping - [00:33 min]

  • E-book: Draft - [00:39 min]

  • E-book: Basic Block - Skirts - [06:18 min]



  • Presentation - [01:21 min]

  • Go Out With Cutouts - [13:26 min]

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