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Since 2005, when she discovered the moulage technique while still in college, Francys Saleh has dedicated herself to studying and later teaching the technique. She took numerous courses with the best professionals in Brazil and abroad, and during her time as a university professor she developed her method of teaching the French legitimate technique.  

In 2014 I was doing moulage tutorials as a columnist for the company Audaces, being the pioneer to publish content of this genre in the country, at the same time writing scientific articles on the subject, these published in journals and scientific fashion events.  

In 2020 it launched its first online course. After, in partnership with Maximus Tecidos, it improved the course and launched the updated version of the course, called Secrets of French Moulage. 

The course has more than 4,800 students from Brazil and abroad and is a reference in the teaching of technique. 

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