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Since I started talking about draping on social media, it is very common to have the question whether draping is used only for this purpose. I always explain that no, but there is no way to disassociate draping and beautiful Haute Couture dresses.

Those who work with party fashion usually benefit from the technique, especially when making elaborate models, with draping techniques, pleats and strategic cuts.

The technique makes this type of work much easier, as it is enough to make the structure of the dress and after performing the pleated or draped technique on top.

And there, anyone who thinks that it is enough to throw the fabric over the dummy is wrong.

The secret of the wonderful party dresses that we usually see are structured with a kind of corset or bodice. They usually have fins that help shape the body and serve as support for the fabric and technique that will be applied.

I particularly love the Egyptian draping technique that I've even taught on my channel! Ah, taking advantage of this, I'll leave a link to some classes on party fashion structures and also techniques that can serve as a basis for your dresses:


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