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Recently, last month, I was in Paraná, recording the new draping mini-course.

This draping mini-course is the first contact with the technique for many students, I thought of a practical and dynamic structure and methodology, so that the student understands once and for all what French draping is and can get the most out of it in his work, be a model maker , seamstress or fashion student.

The mini-course classes were structured so that people of any level - from zero to advanced - understand and learn - once and for all to model using the three-dimensional modeling technique.

For this, the classes developed will help the student to understand some basic concepts of flat modeling such as transfers of brushes and clippings for example. The student will see on the mannequin why the use of brushes in modeling and which forms of transfers are more common.

I also think it's important to explain the materials we use in the draping, so there's a class where I present all kinds of rulers and also more basic materials that are used to make the molds.

I teach you how to make the marking of your mannequin, a mandatory item to make the molds in the draping.

Then we move on to the stage of preparing the canvas, which is the fabric used to make the draping and of course, you will develop varied pieces such as a straight skirt, a tube dress with variations in the neckline and a blouse style blouse with cutouts and finally you will learn to finish this mold!

And if you don't have a draping dummy, don't be discouraged. You will be able to train the technique directly on a person's body, as countless students already do!


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