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I have many students enrolled in my online course Secrets of the French draping who live abroad and when they see me working on the Draft Manequins dummy they also want to purchase the dummy or some similar material.

Unfortunately for some countries, importing the Draft dummy is unfeasible for tariff and logistical reasons.

Draft operates very well in the Latin American market, exports to Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and the mannequins in these countries are hugely successful due to the fidelity of the body shapes and the quality of the mannequin, but in other countries, how is it?

With that in mind, I will present here a list of mannequins that can be purchased in other countries, taking into account those that I have already worked with or that I have seen in person, or even that my students have experienced:

United States - TSC Professional Dress Form

In the United States, for example, the brand they use and that I could see in person is the TSC Professional Dress Form brand. On the mannequin of this brand it is usually written "Collapsible Shoulders" that is, the shoulders of the mannequin can be collapsed and expanded to work with different modeling proposals.

Another detail of this mannequin is that the wired part, called the grid, is removable. This grid helps when working with skirts.

France - Siegel & Stockman

The darling of haute couture ateliers, they make special models for fashion houses and the shape of the body is different, that is, the Haute Couture model consists of a mannequin with minimal measurements and almost no curves, just like the body of fashion models. catwalk. But in addition to this line, Stockman works with some types of mannequins that serve French companies with the line called Atelier, which is a mannequin closer to the curvy female body. In addition they also have the lingerie line.

France - Esmod

The first mannequin in history: The draping mannequin of this brand has 180 years of history!

On November 5, 1854, Alexis Lavigne filed a patent for the manufacture of plaster cast mannequins. As early as 1857, he offered the mold of a bust to Empress Eugenia, whose shapes were "exemplary" according to him. This excellent publicity made him the "tailor of the empress", something very prestigious for the time. Alexis realizes that the evolution of fashion tends towards confection, away from the made-to-measure, so he standardized his production of busts that he would make in various sizes, based on his years of studying the different conformations of the human body. Of course he was successful, so he again filed a new patent allowing tailors and seamstresses to make their own mannequin busts for their clients. And today, Esmod Editions designs their own mannequin busts of ESMOD students around the world.

Russia and Europe - Royal Dress Forms

This company is relatively new, out of all the ones I presented, it was born in 2011 and has been revolutionizing the market abroad. She is popular thanks to Russian sewing and modeling videos and in fact, this mannequin is considered the best Russian mannequin. as well as the Draft.

I find the names of the models very interesting, which are named after people like Monica, Penelope, Deva, Betty. It is also one of the brands that has miniature models, that is, in half scale.

United Kingdom - Kennett & Lindsell

You know my mannequin tattoo that looks like a stamp? It was removed from the logo of this brand. K+L is the most used brand in English fashion schools, the famous Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion.

The models are varied and it is a brand that invests in innovation: mannequins with heads and differentiated models for various niches. They also have special prices for students, something I found very interesting and different compared to other brands, oh and on the brand's website you can find various modeling materials, such as paper, tape measure, chalk, among other necessary materials!

Europe / America / Asia - Spur

This brand is new and I haven't seen much publicity about it yet, but they develop for different markets such as European, Asian and North American. On the website, the brand reports that for 10 years it has been collecting anthropometric measurements of bodies, in order to create mannequins with realistic bodies.

Japan - Bunka

Bunka Fashion College is a renowned Japanese fashion school from which great masters of fashion and modeling emerged. In this school there is also a mannequin developed by them and adopted by the students. At Dorota's school in Paris, I had the opportunity to get to know a half-scale model up close.

And then you liked this list of options d


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