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Today I'm going to show you the gold of my book collection which are my beloved draping books. They are very special, I remember how and when I bought each one of them (as well as almost all of my collection!), but anyway, those who follow me know that I have a special affection for draping, proof of this is that one of the books is with the protective plastic until today, can you believe it?!

I imagine that I have 90% of the books released on the subject, I also have an e-book version and I will provide the link here for you! Ah, the names and links are in the order in the photo.

Integrating Draping, Drafting, and Drawing - Bina Abling | + Info

Fashion Moulage Technique - Danilo Attardi | + Info

Moulage: Lee Bases - Teresa Gilewska | + Info

Draping: The Complete Course - Karolyn Kiisel | + Info

Draping Basics - Di Marco | + Info

Draping: Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design - Anette Duburg | + Detalhes e preço

Modelagem Tridimensional Ergonômica - Maria Grave | + Info

Corset - Ana Laura Berg | + Info

Draping for Apparel Design - Joseph Armstrong | + Info

Draping Period Costumes - Sharon Sobel | + Info


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